Social Responsibility

Naidu Consulting through a development fund, initiative and supports a number of social development initiatives / programmes, on all construction projects. “We believe that infrastructure development, always goes hand in hand with people development”
Naidu Consulting has:
  •   A dedicated Bursary scheme for staff members;
  •   In-service Training Programme for Engineering students;
  •   Provided Mindset network kits to schools in Ndwedwe (satellite learning channel);
  •   Negotiated with Vodacom for the erection of new telecommunication towers in Ndwedwe;
  •   Sponsored Matric students in Ndwedwe with school fees, books and uniforms;
  •   Facilitated the construction of sports fields for school children;
  •   Provided Career Guidance, Engeering Mentorship and
  •   Promoted Mathematics and Science to various schools particularly those from disadvantaged communities and
  •   Participated in the “take a girl child to work” initiative.